STEP INTO TOMORROW is an international educational project dedicated to teaching the technology of working with the 3Shape Intraoral scanner with the support of the European Union student and teacher exchange program ERASMUS.

Many dental clinics are still actively using the technology of making physical impressions for prosthetics and implants. The good old school approach is well known and reliable for making an instant impression of the patient’s teeth, and scanning it with a desktop 3D device for further processing. However, the science does not stand still, and more and more dental clinics are resorting to the use of intraoral scanners for making digital pictures on patients’ teeth.

The use of an Intraoral scanner eliminates the need for impression materials, guarantees high accuracy of the results and ensures high speed of information processing. As part of the STEP INTO TOMORROW project, MedGroup OU representatives provide practical training for dental assistant coerce students of the Red Cross Medical College (Latvia, Riga).

The purpose of this training is to prepare the dental assistant for practical work with the 3Shape Intraoral scanner. SP Koolituskeskus does its best to follow all kinds of innovations in the field of dental services and chooses the most advanced and innovative partners to introduce knowledge to the dental market . Join us to study new technologies first!

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